Happy Thanksgiving!

Dear readers,

Happy Thanksgiving!

On Thanksgiving in 1915, Duke, our main character, celebrates by spending time with his family at their long-time homestead, hunting with his Peregrine Falcon. As described in Chapter 3, “hunting was a release and break” from his life of academics. He relaxes in the company of those he loves and explores the exciting future his studies may open up for him.

He will finally achieve his doctorate degree in Archeology in another year. Based on his research during archaeological digs in the Mediterranean Sea on the island of Crete, on this Thanksgiving Day, little did he know his find would lead to one of the greatest discoveries and would resolve a mystery over 2300 years in the making. Solving this ancient riddle involves such great leaders as Caesar, Cleopatra, Ptolemy and Alexander the Great.

We will talk more of these amazing leaders in future blogs.

Let’s celebrate this wonderful holiday and give thanks for our families and all our blessings.