Author: Thomas Upson

Happy Thanksgiving!

Dear readers, Happy Thanksgiving! On Thanksgiving in 1915, Duke, our main character, celebrates by spending time with his family at their long-time homestead, hunting with his Peregrine Falcon. As described in Chapter 3, “hunting was a release and break” from his life of academics. He relaxes in the company of those he loves and explores […]

Meet the Fokkers

Dear readers, We continue discussing the adventures of Duke Thomas in SKY RAIDER as he enters combat in France in early 1917 with the Lafayette Escadrille in Chapter One. The German Imperial Air Force had just finished its period of the “Fokker Scourge”, the time when the Germans were winning the war in the air, […]

Veterans Day 11/11 @11am

Dear fellow readers and veterans, As we celebrate and honor our veterans on Friday, November 11, we especially recognize the service and sacrifice of those who serve and served in combat in foreign countries, which our main character Duke Thomas does in the skies of Western Europe and Egypt.His duties as a Nieuport 28 and […]

Sitting Bull

Dear readers, Todays blog discusses the collective American squadron N 124 insignia placed on all the aircraft: an Indian head.Initially it was described as a Seminole Indian head that was adapted from the head printed on the Savage Arms Manufacturing Company and was used until ~February 1917 when a new emblem was adopted. The new […]

Lafayette Escadrille

Dear current and future readers, I wanted to discuss the Lafayette Escadrille that is referenced on page two, in the first paragraph of Chapter one. This  was a unit of American volunteer fighter pilots which our main character Duke Thomas joined in January 1917. He left all that was important to him, including his wife, […]

Why Savannah?

Dear Current & Future Readers, Continuing in Chapter 1, this blog post reveals why Savannah plays an important role in our main character Duke Thomas’s life!Savannah was the founding city and capital of the 13th and last British colony in North America. Duke’s great great … grandfather was the captain of the good ship Anne, […]

Lucky Duke Thomas

Dear Current and Future Readers, This is the weekly blog where I discuss key parts of the novel and characters. Today I wanted to highlight one of the important qualities that help our main character, Duke, survive tremendous odds against him during the Sky Raider adventure, and it is mentioned in the first paragraph of […]

Sky Raider update

We have fresh signed copies of Sky Raider ready to ship! We’re also starting a fun Twitter project today!! Check us out at and follow to get your daily dose of Sky Raider. When you’re ready to order your copy of the book, order one through this site here. Or you can go to […]