Veterans Day 11/11 @11am

Dear fellow readers and veterans,

As we celebrate and honor our veterans on Friday, November 11, we especially recognize the service and sacrifice of those who serve and served in combat in foreign countries, which our main character Duke Thomas does in the skies of Western Europe and Egypt.
His duties as a Nieuport 28 and Sopwith triplane fighter pilot against the Red Baron’s talented flying circus place him in mortal combat on a daily basis during one of the most lethal times on the Western Aerial Front, called bloody April.

When and if Duke survives the GREAT WAR , he will be among the first to celebrate The Armistice, which was later memorialized into a federal holiday and renamed Veterans Day in 1954 by President Eisenhower.

This important armistice occurred on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918 when the Allies and Germany ceased hostilities.

It is also celebrated in France, Australia, Canada, Great Britain (who also wear red poppies based on the poem In Flanders Fields by John McCraw). In Europe, Great Britain, and other Commonwealth countries, two minutes of silence is commonly observed at 11am on November 11th to honor these veterans.

In America, at Arlington National Cemetery, a wreath is placed on the tomb of the unknown soldier on this date who was laid to rest on November 11th 1921. Other parades and celebrations take place throughout the rest of the country.

In honor of our veterans, I am offering a special at on Veterans Day 11/11/22, a discounted Sky Raider paperback price of $11.11 signed with a personalized inscription by me, the author.

Enjoy the adventure and celebrate our veterans service and sacrifices on this momentous day.


Schooner Harvey Gamage, Key West FL ~ Photo by Kim Stamps